Very soulful sound. I am quite satisfied with its performance. Read More

Debojyoti Baruah

Have grown up always envying of owning a Sonodyne.Bose was not so widely available in the 70/80's and used to be frightfRead More

Sanjoy Mukherjee

Simply brilliant. Outstandingly clear and outsmarts many famous foreign brands in its catagory. I am extremely happy thaRead More


The speaker make and feel is classy. The name plate looks simple and cheap like a monogram stuck on the cabinet. Better Read More


Audio quality of Malhar is outstanding and fantastic.Read More

Kallol Roy

Sonodyne just launched its latest speakers - the Sonodyne Malhar. The name Malhar is based on Raga Malhar, believed to hRead More

Rajiv Makhni, NDTV

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For audiophiles, Sonodyne has been a legendary Make in India brand, & the Bandish offers 120W of pure grade sound! Read More

Akash Banerjee (DeshBhakt)

The Bandish is an incredible handcrafted bluetooth speaker! Read More

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These bluetooth speakers provide mesmerising, soulful sound for all music genres! Read More

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A classic BT speaker that sounds better than any competition at this price! Read More

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The roots of Classical Music in India are found in the Vedic literature. Indian Classical Music has 2 Major Traditions &Read More

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Bought the product more for nostalgia and the wooden box design. The sound quality is okay but that’s what one can expRead More

Soumitra Bose

The sound output for that size is astonishing. It fills the room. A perfect buy for someone looking at a 5.1 in a livingRead More

Gautam Shah


Sandeep Rana

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Bhavani Sales

Sonodyne products are excellent. Read More

Meheresh Lalit



Impressive audio product by an Indian company….super sound reproducing all frequencies from low to mid to high! Read More


I am satisfied. The outside noise is taken care and music sounds really cool. Looks good and I think it’s a good dRead More

Aveek Roy Choudhury

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These headphones have excellent noise cancellation. I was worried because they weren’t priced as high as other noise cRead More

S. B.

A sturdy product. Beautiful wooden build and pristine sound. I love listening to it and I love looking at it. Thank you.Read More

Sachin Sudhareshan

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Ranu Banerjee

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Sudip Ghosh

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