SSW Series

SSW 3010

SSW 3010 in-ceiling subwoofer

The SSW 3010 is a 6" dual coil inceiling subwoofer

Tech Specifications


  • In-ceiling mounted subwoofer
  • In-built crossover for high pass to satellite speakers
  • Both stereo and mono modes
  • Both direct and LMT modes
  • Smooth, articulated response
  • Transducer with dual voice coil


DESCRIPTION Stereo in-ceiling sub woofer with high pass output  
TRANSDUCER           1 x 6” dual coil sub woofer
FREQUENCY RANGE (-10dB)  50Hz ~ 150Hz 
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-3dB)  55Hz ~ 150Hz  
SPL (1W/1M) 90dB   
SPL AT RATED POWER     108dB  @ 60W  
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE                  4Ω + 4Ω (Stereo mode)
8Ω (Mono mode)    
POWER HANDLING direct mode    100W + 100W (direct, stereo)      
POWER TAP 70V            7.5W, 15W, 30W, 60W (mono) 
POWER TAP 100V          15W, 30W, 60W, NA (mono)
OUTER DIAMETER x DEPTH  mm 300 x 205  
CUT-OUT DIAMETER mm   274                                     
COLOUR                              White/Black         
GROSS WEIGHT             5.3kg  
NOTE: Due to continuous improvements, all specifications are subject to change



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