SRA 3020

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Taking from our experience in designing loudspeakers for large studios, the SRA 3020 is a revelation both in design and performance. The kevlar and silk tweeters are housed in a custom waveguide for controlled dispersion and astounding realism. The high excursion 10" woofer extends down to 30Hz. The heavily braced aluminium-MDF enclosure is rigid and inert is isolated via an integral base. Each loudspeakers has its own tri-amplifier and is matched to transducers using internal DSP (Digital Signal Processing). With the Sonodyne Reference SRA 3020, enter a new domain of critical listening.



  • Unique aluminium-MDF hybrid enclosure
  • Active H Class amplifier: 450 watt rms 
  • Kevlar midrange; custom HF waveguide
  • Ultra stiff innner bracing
  • DSP balanced crossover
  • Exceptional low frequency extension and overall detailing 



Product Literature: Sonodyne Residential 2015 Product Literature: SRA 3000 Series


DESCRIPTION 3 way floorstanding speaker system
ENCLOSURE Heavily braced double MDF with aluminum side panels
TRANSDUCER COMPLEMENTS: HF 1 x 1" silk dome tweeter
TRANSDUCER COMPLEMENTS: MF 1 x 4" kevlar cone midrange
TRANSDUCER COMPLEMENTS: LF 1 x 10" kevlar cone woofer
AMPLIFIER POWER LF: 250 W, MF: 100 W, HF: 100 W
MAX SPL 119 dB
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-3 dB) on axis 30 Hz ~ 22 kHz
FREQUENCY EXTENSION (-10 dB) 26 Hz ~ 27 kHz
INPUTS Fully balanced XLR socket with link
FINISH Black painted
GRILLE Cloth grill
COLOURS Black with silver/ red panels
DIMENSIONS (HxWxD) mm 1020 x 380 x 295
ACCESSORIES Integral base

* All specifications are subject to change due to continuous improvements

Set up your system

The following sketch shows an optimum set-up for a stereo system. The important part here is to place the speakers such that the head of the listener and the two monitors lie at the vertices of an equilateral triangle.

Figure 3: stereo set-up >

The following sketch shows a 5.1 set-up. It is recommended to have a symmetrical listening position with the front left and right speakers facing the listener and the surround speakers located at the back of the listener.

< Figure 4: Surround sound set-up

Distance from walls

While placing speakers, make sure that they are at least 40 cm away from any reflecting surface. This will help minimise bumps in the low-frequency response due to reflections, and also ensure that the rear-mounting port is unobstructed. It is also required to ensure that the heat sinks at the back have adequate ventilation, for uninterrupted operation.

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