At Sonodyne, sound matters. For the last five decades, we have focussed on R & D, and manufacturing of residential and professional audio products. With two design centers, and three manufacturing locations, in Mumbai and Kolkata, Sonodyne, today, is a sound engineering service provider and a recognized brand in professional audio, globally. Our core development efforts have resulted in innovations in waveguide, transducer, enclosure and electronics designs. We understand the rigours of live sound and we have invested over a year in getting our designs field and laboratory tested in India and abroad. With the products meeting high performance standards and safety parameters, we are confident that we can meet the sound needs of contractors, sound engineers, and musicians. In the following pages, we present a range of unique solutions for Live Sound. They meet Sonodyne's core beliefs of high performance and value. We believe that this range presents exceptional performance standards across a range of live sound applications.