Zoner 16

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The Zoner16 is an entry level zoning product. A simple 16 zone output switcher with much more – providing remote paging facility, zone BGM enable buttons, LED BGM indication per active zone, zone output relays and separate BGM and paging inputs.

The Zoner16 provides support for one 16 zone remote paging station, as well as one “All Call” priority paging input with contact closure logic triggering to route the priority paging input to all zones.

The Zoner16 makes multiple zone BGM selection and remote multiple zone paging a simple task.


  • 16 zone output switcher
  • Remote paging station available
  • BGM selection available (when using a second amplifier)
  • “ALL CALL” priority paging input
  • Logic output per zone
  • 24 VDC or AC mains operation
  • Multi zone paging made simple


Owners Manual


DESCRIPTION Multi zone paging system

* All specifications are subject to change due to continuous improvements

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