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You wished for a Genie on a stand. Presenting the Genie 3.  The pack leader, the Genie 3 is an excellent blend of aesthetics and performance. The extra internal volume allowed for two essentials: Two more 3" drivers for greater 'presence' and loudness, and Excellent LF extension, allowing for tight integration with an active subwoofer like Roarr 108 / 210. So, if you watch movies on your HTS but your heart remains with music, this is a great choice for your L, R speakers. The solid Genie build is retained via a 5 mm aluminum extruded cabinet now finished in high gloss black to match your other A/V accessories and your interiors. A floor mount base comes in the box.


Product Literature: Sonodyne Residential 2015 Product Literature


DESCRIPTION 2 way floorstanding speaker
TRANSDUCER COMPLEMENTS: HF 1 x 1" silk dome tweeter
SENSITIVITY (1 w 1m) 90 dB
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-3 dB) on axis 120 Hz ~ 20 kHz
FINISH Metallic paint
GRILLE Cloth grill
DIMENSIONS (HxWxD) mm 1003 x 125 x 110

* All specifications are subject to change due to continuous improvements

Set Up Your System

The following sketch shows an optimum set-up for a stereo system. The important part here is to place the speakers such that the head of the listener and the two monitors lie at the vertices of an equilateral triangle.

Figure 3: stereo set-up >

Distance from walls

While placing speakers, make sure that they are at least 40 cm away from any reflecting surface. This will help minimise bumps in the low-frequency response due to reflections, and also ensure that the rear-mounting port is unobstructed. It is also required to ensure that the heat sinks at the back have adequate ventilation, for uninterrupted operation.

Acoustics Of The Listening Room

The acoustical makeup of your listening room is key in determining how good (or bad) is the sound that reaches your ear. The contents of a room (carpets, curtains, furniture etc.), its shape, and the material of which the boundaries are made, make or break your sound. The idea is to have a listening area where the absorptions and reflections are calibrated to attain, as far as possible, a neutral environment. While there are no 'quick fix' formulae to convert a room to an 'ideal listening room', here are some things that you might try to attain optimal performance.

In your listening room, clap your hands, snap your fingers, and jingle a ring of keys. If the resulting sound is unintelligible (muffled), and resonating, your room is inclined toward being reflective. In this event, you might want to: Hang up curtains/ lay a carpet or rug / introduce book cases/ other racks. In the event that the resulting sound is too damped your room is inclined toward being absorptive. You might want to remove some of the absorptive material (like those given above). 

Amplifier Selection

We recommend using amplifiers whose continuous (rms) power per channel is greater than or equal to that the Genie handles. We have specified an amplifier power range in the specifications section. In the event that the power is greater, care must be taken to avoid playing music at excessively loud levels and thus damage the speaker. Also, while using an amplifier with rms power lower than the rated power handling of the Genie, please ensure that the amplifier level is kept a few notches below maximum level. Lower powered amplifiers, operating at close to max, often produce distorted signals at high levels. This can lead to damage of the high frequency driver, the tweeter

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